Taito City, comprising Ueno and Asakusa and other attractive areas is one of the best tourist attractions. Commercial district stretching southwards from Ueno is known as a famous jewelry district and northern district of Asakusa is home to leather-shoe craftsmanship. Many craftsmen in Taito City have been actively and putting their heart and soul into preserving traditional hand-made skills nurtured in Edo period.

On the other hand, southern area of Taito City called Kachikura, spreading from Okachimachi to Kuramae has been flourishing with café and general shops opening one after another.

Taito Industrial Fair 2019 will be held to share such varieties of Taito’s industrial charms. At the fair, local enterprises and organizations in Taito City will gather to demonstrate and deal in their own proud-works and demonstrations of traditional art crafts are scheduled.


Event title

Taito Industrial Fair 2019

Hosted by
Taito City , Executive Committee of Taito Industrial Fair 2019
31.10.2019(Thu.) ,1.11.2019 (Fri.)
10:00~17:00 Admission free
Address / Access
Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center TAITO-KAN 4,5F
(2-6-5 Hanakawado, Taito City, Tokyo, 111-0033)
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